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Arched Blinds: Manual & Motorized

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Motorized Arched Blinds
Manual Arched Blinds


BCC Arched Blinds are fully operational manual and motorized blinds for virtually any size or shape of arched window. This exclusive arched blind operation provides protection from the sun when needed, along with a wide-open view when desired. Our arched blinds feature patented and exclusive designs are not found from any other manufacture.


Arched Blinds At A Glance

Exclusive Arched Blind Operation. BCC Arched Blinds feature industry exclusive design, function and operation.

Fully Functional Arched Blind Operation. 

BCC Arched Blinds raise completely the top of the arched window when in use, and compress to the base of the window when a wide open view through the arched window is desired.

Motorized Arched Blind Operation: 

Battery operation with a remote control is the standard option for motorized arched blinds. Plug-in transformers, AC motorization, smart home and smart phone controlled motorized arched blinds are available.

Manual Arched Blind Operation: 

BCC Manual Arched Blinds will raise and lower with a standard draw cord and secure using a cord cleat.

Arched Blinds:

Any Size. Any Shape. BCC Arched Blinds are available for virtually and size or any shape of arched window.

Arched Blind Materials, Colors & Styles

BCC Arched Blinds are most frequently produced using honeycomb and cellular materials. These materials allow for full operation of the arched blind and offer a wide range of styles and colors. Light and sun control options range from translucent, to semi-opaque, to blackout (or light dimming).

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