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How to Cover Angle Top, Angle Bottom and Triangle Windows

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Trapezoid Blinds, Triangular Blinds, Angled Blinds, Pentagon Blinds: Exclusive Operation

Sun Control, Heat Control, and Light Control for Trapezoid Blinds, Triangular Blinds, Angled Blinds, Pentagon Blinds

Controlling sun, heat and light are the primary reasons for covering specialty shaped windows including blinds and shades for Pentagon, Angled, Trapezoid, Triangle and Triangular Windows.

Triangle Window Coverings

Trapezoid Blinds, Triangle Blinds, Angled Blinds & Pentagon Blinds: Any Size. Any Shape.

Since 1998, BCC Arched & Angled Blinds has been producing an exclusive line of fully movable blinds and shades tailored specifically for even the most challenging of window shapes. With hundreds of styles available, our blinds provide versatile protection from the sun while offering a full view when desired. If you're in search of blinds for specialty shaped windows, look no further! Contact us today for more information.

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