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What is an eyebrow arch window?

That's a fantastic question! Triangle shaped windows offer unique challenges, but luckily, there are numerous solutions available. With over 25 years in the industry, we've gathered extensive knowledge on the subject, so keep reading to discover what we know!

Fully Operational Window Treatments for Triangle Shaped Windows

Experience the best functionality with our fully operational blinds designed specifically for triangle shaped windows. Easily raise and lower them with precision to control light and privacy in your space.

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What is an eyebrow arch window?
Window treatments on a beautiful home with triangle shaped windows.

Window Treatments in Hundreds of Colors and Styles for Triangle Shaped Windows

Personalize your space with our vast selection of blinds, available in hundreds of colors and styles tailored for triangle shaped windows. Find the perfect match to complement your décor and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Remote Control Window Treatments for Triangle Shaped Windows

Step into the future of window treatments with our remote control blinds, perfect for triangle shaped windows. Seamlessly compatible with smart home devices you may already have, our automated blinds offer both convenience and sophistication for modern living.

Window treatment coverings for triangle shaped windows in a shared bedroom.

Optimal Heat and Light Control with Window Treatments for Triangle Shaped Windows

Experience ultimate comfort and protection with our specialized window treatments designed for triangle shaped windows. Our innovative solutions not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also provide optimal heat control, light control, and UV protection. Say goodbye to uncomfortable temperature fluctuations and harmful UV rays, and say hello to a more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.

Triangle Shaped Window Treatments: Any Size. Any Shape.

At BCC Arched & Angled Blinds, we specialize in providing custom solutions for any shape and size of window, including triangle shaped windows. Whether you need trapezoid blinds, pentagon blinds, or treatments for irregular windows, our expert team will find the perfect solution for you. With our extensive selection of styles, colors, and motorization options, you can achieve the perfect blend of functionality and style for your unique windows.

Showcasing window treatment inside a stunning log home living room with triangle shaped windows.

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Get Inspired

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